Checklist for Requesting Management Association Conference Travel Funding


  • Complete Management Staff Development Request for Funding form.
  • Complete PCC Conference Attendance Request Form.
    • Attach hotel reservation (If hotel accepts checks, the college can pay one night in advance.)
    • Attach flight itinerary (Travel can be paid by individual or college.)
    • Attach conference/training registration (Registration can be paid in advance by college.)
    • Attach map if driving
  • If needed: complete Advanced Payment request form (available at Purchasing and Contact Services in C202)
  • Submit forms to respective supervisor for approval (Dean or VP)
  • Submit signed forms to Management Association President for signature
  • Wait for Management Association Board approval (within 10 business days of receipt)
  • Once approved, forms will be returned. MANAGER IS RESPONSIBLE for submitting forms to MaryLou Tokiyeda in the Purchasing and Contract Services office in C202 (MaryLou can help with booking flights.)


  • Complete Conference Expense Report Form and attach copies of request forms and itemized receipts within two weeks of travel completion. No exceptions.
  • Submit signed form and all documents to Management Association Treasurer
    1. Treasurer: Laconia D. Fennessy
    2. Email:
    3. Phone: 626-585-7645
    4. Room: C203
  • Once approved, MANAGER IS RESPONSIBLE for submitting forms to Fiscal Services in C203