Use the information below as a guide for completing a Management Staff Development Request for Funding form.

  1. Each manager will be allowed to apply for conference registration and/or travel funding for at least one conference per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Managers may request funding for more than one conference per fiscal year, but the total amount requested may not exceed $2,499 per fiscal year. Funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Once the fund is depleted, no more funds are likely to be available until the next fiscal year.
  2. Each application form must be approved and signed by the respective supervisor prior to submission and must be attached to the PCC Conference Attendance Request Form. All requests must be approved by the Management Association Board.
  3. Approval must take place prior to travel. No funding will be granted after conference attendance.
  4. The requested amount per manager per fiscal year may not exceed $2,499.
  5. All requests for reimbursement (which include required forms and receipts) must be submitted within two weeks of travel completion. No exceptions.
  6. All requests for reimbursement require itemized receipts, which indicate the specific items that were purchased. No exceptions.
  7. This funding has been designated for all types of professional development activities, including conference travel, training courses, and workshops.
  8. $41 is the maximum amount allocated for meals per day. Original, itemized receipts (listing the individual items purchased) are required for reimbursement. As per PCC policy, travelers will not be reimbursed for alcoholic beverages.
  9. Incomplete application forms will not be considered for funding or reimbursement and will be returned to the manager who requested funds.
  10. Requests for more than $2,499 will be returned to the manager requesting funds unless the amount in excess of $2,499 is covered by another cost center, in which case that cost center must be identified by name and number, and the cost center manager must sign the application before it is submitted.
  11. In accordance with PCC’s travel policy, no lodging will be funded for trips to locations a distance of 50 miles or less from PCC.
  12. Once the conference travel funding is gone, no applications will be accepted until the next fiscal year.
  13. In order to charge the funds to the appropriate fiscal year, ALL travel must occur in the current Fiscal year (prior to or ending on June 30th) and reimbursement requests MUST be submitted within a week. If not, reimbursement, although previously approved, will not transpire.

Revised by the Management Association 3/13/2017