Oct 7 - Nov 6, 2015

Carole Caroompas’ multi-layered composite works juxtapose elements of pop culture, fairy tale lore, advertising icons, and crochet-like designs from hand-crafted patterns often found in thrift stores. These disparate, post-modern fragments are compositionally woven together into a playful, family album-like scrapbook, affectionately nodding to our shared popular experience.

Truly post-modern, Caroompas’ work sends up our composite identity as products of B-movies, pop and kitsch. The non-hierarchical patchwork of nervous energy that quilts together this myriad of motely influences evokes in the viewer a nostalgic affection for our retro pop cultural fabric. Her work evinces our tendency to personalize and internalize the shared familiar influences of our socio-psychological experience.

Integrating flat 2-D elements with realistic depictions that recede into a deeper pictorial space, these works are exquisite compositions that articulate our shared psychological posture, revealing our affection for this post-modern gumbo of contemporary life.

Brief bio sketch: Represented by Western Projects, Caroompas earned her BA from Cal State Fullerton, MFA from USC in 1971. She has received numerous awards including the California Community Foundation’s Individual Artist Fellowship, the City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Grant, and National Endowment of the Arts grants. She teaches at Otis.

Opening Reception: Fri. Oct 9 6:00pm-10:00pm. (Pasadena Art Night)

All events are free and open to the public. Visitor parking is available on campus for $2.

This exhibition is made possible by the support of the Pasadena Art Alliance, the PCC Foundation, the Office of the President of PCC and the Division of Visual Arts and Media Studies. Special thanks to Cliff Benjamin and Erin Kermanikian of Western Projects and the artist, Carole Caroompas.