We are excited that you have chosen to attend PCC as part of your GAIN Welfare-to-Work journey. Please use this checklist as a guide to help you start the process of becoming a PCC CalWORKs student.

  1. Meet with your county's GAIN Worker for approval to attend school.
    If you are receiving cash aid and have not yet been referred to GAIN, are exempt, or have another reason for not being referred to enroll in school, but you are attending or plan to attend with a clear educational goal – please continue on to the next steps because you are still eligible for our program.

  2. Complete the Steps to Apply and Enroll at PCC

    The steps to apply and enroll at PCC are easy. Follow each of the "Get Started" steps to become an officially enrolled student at PCC and eligible for CalWORKs

  3. Make CalWORKs Intake & Counseling Appointment 

    After you have finished the steps to enroll at PCC and registered for your classes, it's time to sign up for CalWORKs! Come visit us in the L Building or call us (626) 585-7060 to make an appointment. You will be able to acquaint yourself with our program and campus resources, and develop an educational plan with one of our counselors.

    Please bring the following items to your first appointment:

    - Completed Intake Application:  
    Download and print it out or obtain a copy upon your arrival at our office. Download Intake Application
    - Verification of Benefits (VOB): Obtain this at your DPSS office
    Transcripts: Unofficial or official transcripts from any other colleges you have attended.
    - Referral Form: Self-initiated Referral From (GN 6005A) OR Vocational Assessment Summary (GN6014)
    -Assessment Summary (GN 6013/GN 6014): If you took a country assessment and are a Vocational Referral with a GN 6006 form

If you are referred by your GAIN Worker to a PCC noncredit program for Adult Basic Education, such as GED, Adult High School Diploma Program (HSDP) or English as a Second Language (ESL) at our Community Education Center (CEC), contact us at our main office number, (626) 585-7060 or visit the Noncredit Division Administration Office for further information about CalWORKs participation in the noncredit programs.

Visit the Noncredit Division