Equity leaders from all of the college's constituent groups have determined that to serve our students well, we must transform our policies and practices.  PCC is leveraging federal, state, and District funds and using guided pathways as our framework to close equity gaps that currently exist at the college.

What are Guided Pathways?

Guided pathways reform is a student-centered approach that can dramatically increase the number of students earning community college credentials, while closing equity gaps. Rather than work with a subset of students, guided pathways are a college-wide undertaking that provides a framework for integrating California-based initiatives such as SSSP, Equity, Basic Skills Transformation, the Strong Workforce Program, and California College Promise. The model helps colleges clarify paths to student end goals, helps student select and stay on path, and ensures quality learning. 

From The Foundation for California Community Colleges website, California Guided Pathways Project

PCC's Guided Pathways Components

Guided Entry

Guided Entry is PCC’s commitment to help students make a smooth and successful transition to college.

Our work includes...

  • PCC’s Welcome Center, one-stop admissions support for new students
  • AB 19: The California College Promise
  • AB 705: Multiple measures assessment

Career Communities

Career communities (also known as meta majors) help students explore careers that they may be interested in by providing related extra- and co-curricular activities and experiences. Students meet peers interested in similar careers and are provided with a list of supports and resources that will help them reach their academic goals. Career communities prepare students for certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers.

PCC Career Communities Inlude:

Arts, Communication & Design

Preparing students for certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers related to visual, applied, and performing arts; communication; TV and film; and journalism.

Business and Industry

Preparing students for certificates, degrees,
transfer, and careers in business, finance, manufacturing, construction, and entrepreneurship.

Health Sciences

Preparing students for for certificates, degrees,
transfer, and careers related to physical health and wellness (health, nutrition, and kinesiology).

Liberal Arts

Preparing students for certificates, degrees,
transfer, and careers related to literature studies, creative writing, composition, and library technology.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Preparing students for certificates, degrees,
transfer, and careers related to the understanding of cultures, communities, and human behavior.


Preparing students for certificates, degrees, transfer, and and careers related to science, technology, engineering, and math.

Our work includes...

  • Career assessment and guidance
  • Career exploration through the Career Communities
  • PCC’s new Career & Completion Center, which will provide work-based learning opportunities

Program Maps, Curriculum, and Instruction

Program Maps provide students with a sequence of courses in a semester-by-semester timeline to help them complete their academic goals in a timely manner. 

Curriculum and Instruction align course content with effective pedagogical practices to ensure learning and close equity gaps.

Our work includes...

  • Equity-focused inquiry to identify and close achievement gaps
  • Gateway course redesign to increase advancement to goal completion
  • Starfish Early Alert for early warning and student tracking

Support Services

Support Services are the suite of tools and resources used to help students overcome barriers to success.

Our work includes...

  • Student Success teams, comprised of counselors, coaches, and tutors
  • Completion of SSSP requirements, including students’ Comprehensive Education Plan
  • Expanded support services, including access to the Food Pantry, social work services, and financial planning and coaching

Guided Exit

Guided Exit is PCC’s focus on helping students assess and align their career goals with academic programs to achieve degrees, certificates, transfer, and employment.

Our work includes...

  • PCC Complete: second-tier priority registration and streamlined graduation process
  • Transfer support
  • Centralized certificate awarding process

Increased Goal Completion

PCC believes that successful implementation of the five components of our Student Success Plan will help us meet our goal of increasing student success and closing equity gaps.

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