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On October 21, 2019 Pasadena City College Campus Police sent out a Safety Bulletin regarding reports of suspicious encounters on campus with individuals seeking to engage in religious based conversations.  The individuals involved were using the term “God the Mother” during the discussions.  Concerns were reported by students that the group was involved in cult like activity based on information obtained via social media. 

Since the original posting of the Safety Bulletin, and thanks to an engaged, alert campus community, we were able to identify and interview the individuals regarding their activity on campus.   A representative from the organization was interviewed in person by Campus Police, and provided verification that they are affiliated with “The World Mission Society Church of God”.  The representative for the organization stated they have been subjected to malicious, unsubstantiated rumors spread by social media. 

Based on this interview, as well as additional follow up with other law enforcement agencies, Pasadena City College Campus Police has determined that no criminal activity related to this organization has been substantiated, and no criminal activity related to this group has occurred on our campus.

We would like to remind our Campus Community that the presence of any organization on campus does not necessarily constitute an endorsement, but merely reflects our support and adherence to everyone’s right to free speech.

We would like to remind students to be aware of your surroundings at all times, on and off campus.  Do not engage in unsolicited contact with persons you do not know.  Trust your instinct, if something does not feel right, or you feel unsafe, call for police assistance.

On Campus – Call Campus Police (626) 585-7484, or from any of the Emergency blue phones located throughout campus.

Off Campus – Dial 9-1-1

Prepared and approved by: Steven Matchan, Chief of Police