President’s Leadership Council for Equity, Diversity and Justice

Our Purpose:

To provide direction, support and oversight for the College’s work to become more diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist through its policies, practices and programs. This Council will serve as a recommending body to the President to ensure an equity-minded learning and working community that supports the full engagement of all human expressions. 

Our Role:

  • Develop strategic initiatives in alignment with the College’s Educational Master Plan, Chancellors Call to Action and Student Equity plan with annual goals to improve practices related to recruitment, retention, and promotion of diverse faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Promote knowledge, skill, and institutional practices toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • To share promising practices aimed at advancing the College’s overall diversity, equity and inclusion efforts
  • To enhance communication and collaboration across departments and divisions
  • Maintain a global and inclusive view of diversity
  • Monitor the progress and process of equity and diversity work

  • Armando Duran
  • Jillian Rousseau
  • Carlos “Tito” Altamirano
  • Carrie M. Afuso
  • Colleen W. Nanno
  • Cristina Salazar-Romo
  • David Steiman
  • Derrick T. Dancer
  • Dustin Tamashiro
  • Dyan R. Miller
  • Ellen R. Harju
  • Emilia Sanchez
  • Isela Ocegueda
  • Jason C. Robinson
  • Kari Bolen
  • Ketmani Kouanchao
  • Lilliana C. Castrol
  • Marilyn D. Johnson
  • Micah L. Young
  • Olivia C. Loo
  • Paul C. Price
  • Que P. Dang
  • Raquel Torres-Retana
  • Ray A. Briggs
  • Silvia C. Talaoc
  • Stephanie L. Fleming
  • Sugey Iribe
  • Tameka M. Alexander
  • Tony Casillas
  • William E. Syms
  • Yuliana V. Samson

Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Council 

On behalf of Human Resources and The Division of Institutional Equity, Diversity and Justice, I am writing to request your participation in the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC).  The purpose of the EEOAC is to assist in developing and implementing the District's Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, help formulate and recommend activities to promote diversity, inclusion and cultural responsiveness throughout the District, and promote community relations in the area of diversity. The committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Vice President of Human Resources. 

  • Dootsdeemalachanok Thongthiraj
  • Taleen A. Seropian
  • Brian T. Cummins
  • Charlotte D. Moore
  • Rebecca L. Cobb
  • Jason C. Robinson
  • Carrie M. Afuso
  • Emily Bangham
  • Leslie A. Thompson
  •  ASPCCPresident
  • Andristine M Robinson
  • Ernesto Partida

Student Success Committee

The Student Success Standing committee is charged with examining programs and services across the student lifecycle from recruitment to completion and identifying opportunities to address historical inequities as part of Pasadena City College’s responsibility to acknowledge, understand, and dismantle systemic racism and other systems of oppression.

  • Akilah Brown
  • Armando Duran
  • Carrie Starbird
  • Cristina Salazar-Romo
  • Dan Huynh
  • Dootsdeemalachanok Thongthiraj
  • Emmanual Gomez
  • Ernesto Partida
  • Gwen Souza
  • James Bull
  • Jillian Rousseau
  • Julius Duthoy
  • Liliana Martinez-Kaufman
  • Linda Hintzman
  • Mariyln Johnson
  • Myriam Altounji
  • Nairi Zograbyan
  • Natalie Russell
  • Que Dang
  • Shelagh Rose
  • Susanna Faljyan
  • Tameka Alexanderz