Refer a Student Exhibiting Distressing, Disruptive, or Threatening Behavior

If you have a concern about a student experiencing or presenting an academic, behavioral, emotional, physical, or safety risk – CPART recommends the following interventions:

Critical Behaviors

For critical behaviors, Contact Police and College Safety at (626) 585-7484 or Dial 911. (Note: 911 calls made through a district office telephone are directly routed to Campus Police dispatch.) After speaking with police, please make a report to CPART.

  • Showing or brandishing a weapon
  • State intent to harm self or others
  • Overt threats to harm or kill someone
  • Physical or sexual assault on another individual
  • Interpersonal violence

Elevated Behaviors

For elevated behaviors of concern, please make a report to CPART immediately.

  • Erratic or unusual behaviors
  • Sending intrusive emails/text messages
  • Intimidating or bullying behaviors towards others

Mild/Moderate Behaviors

For mild to moderate behaviors of concern, please make a report to CPART as soon as possible. Students experiencing a mental health crisis can also call Personal Counseling at (626) 585-7273 or walk into the office located in D-203 to request a crisis appointment. 24/7 support by phone is also available to students after hours, by calling (626) 585-7273 and pressing #9.

  • Significant drop in academic performance
  • Preoccupation with death, suicide, or self-harm
  • Changes in mood and appearance
  • Displays paranoia or distrust
  • Isolates self
  • Alcohol & drug use/abuse