Staging Services specializes in technical support for events held at Pasadena City College, both instructional and non-instructional; college and civic.

Staging Services oversees all technical support for performances and live events held in Sexson Auditorium, Harbeson Hall, The Forum, Free Speech Area (Campus Quad), The Community Education Center (CEC), C-333, C-233, Multi-purpose room, R122, and Robinson Stadium, as well as all other campus venues used for live presentations or performances with the exception of the Campus Little Theatre. Additionally, we direct all Public address systems, audio documentation, lighting design and control, and transportation of specific production materials and equipment.

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Request a Staging Services Technician

PCC Employees & Students

Complete and submit a staging services request form.

Civic Events (Community)

You may request technical support through Campus Use when you secure your permit.

Reserving a Venue

To reserve one of PCC's rooms, outdoor venues, or the auditorium for an event, please contact Campus Use.

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