Office Services provides a wide variety of office support functions for all areas of the college.

Digital Printing and Copy Center

Located in C-129, the center offers from basic to complex copying and digital printing services for all staff needs. Also available are many finishing options, including binding and booklet making, NCR forms, and vibrant paper colors. Copying and printing services typically require a 24 hours turnaround time.

To place your order, bring your materials to C-129. If it’s after our business hours, place it in our night drop-off, and we will begin your order in the morning!

Departmental and US Postal services

We provide mailing services, including Priority, Express, International, and Bulk Mail, as well as Federal Express and UPS, for the campus. The final mail pickup is at 3:00 pm, daily.

On-campus Delivery Center

Located currently at the dock of the B Building, this area provides same-day delivery of Parcel Post, UPS, office supplies, and other items to all campus locations.