MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement)

MESA serves to enrich the experience of all students interested STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) by providing a variety of community-building opportunities. Our goal is to increase the number of educationally and economically impacted students transferring to four-year institutions helping them successfully attain math and science-based degrees.

Although MESA is an academic program with eligibility requirements, all are welcome to participate in our events!

Who Is MESA For? 

You are eligible for MESA if you are:

  • declare a calculus-based major in math, science, or engineering

  • plan to take two consecutive math courses: pre-calculus (math 009) or above

  • are a first-generation college student or are educationally impacted 

  • are economically impacted (example: receiving BOG fee waiver and/or financial aid)

  • plan to transfer to a four-year institution (must not already hold a Bachelor's degree)

  • be a U.S. citizen or resident

  • 2.2 or higher GPA