Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) MESA at PCC serves over 200 students pursuing a major in Science, Math, Engineering, or Technology. We provide educationally and economically disadvantaged students with the skills and resources to be successful in school and career in science, technology, engineering and math.

Who Is MESA For? 

You are eligible for MESA if you are:

  • majoring in Science Technology Engineering or Math (defined as Calculus math based)

  • currently taking or have taken and passed math above elementary algebra (Math 131) at PCC or another community college

  • plan to transfer to a four year institution in a Science Tech Engineering Math major

  • have completed an official educational plan at PCC

  • financially disadvantaged (Bog, Pell Grant, Dream Act, CalWORKs, General Relief, eligible)

  • educationally disadvantaged (first generation college student or student began PCC at below college level Math