Test accommodations are any modifications made to tests or testing conditions that allow students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a testing situation. Common test accommodations include extending the amount of time students are given to complete a test, the test in an alternate format, a less distracting environment, or access to assistive technology and adaptive furniture.

Eligible students will request their accommodation through AIM at the beginning of the semester. DSP&S will send via email a Faculty Noticiation Letter a.k.a the Classroom Accommodation Plan (CAP).

  1. Students will submit a request to take the test with DSP&S using either the Test accommodations Request Form on the DSP&S webpage or in person in D209.
  2. DSP&S will e-mail you the DSP&S Test Accommodations Proctoring Form for you to provide us with instructions for proctoring your test.
  3. You should complete the DSP&S Test Accommodations Proctoring Form and deliver it along with a copy of your test to DSP&S as soon as possible. We prefer you e-mail the test to our designated e-mail account for test accommodations at ExamsDSPS@pasadena.edu.
  4. DSP&S will proctor your test and deliver the completed test to you using the method you specified.