Test accommodations are any modifications made to tests or testing conditions that allow students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a testing situation. Common test accommodations include extending the amount of time students are given to complete a test, the test in an alternate format, a less distracting environment, or access to assistive technology and adaptive furniture.

Eligible students will request their accommodation through AIM at the beginning of the semester. DSP&S will send via email a Faculty Noticiation Letter a.k.a the Classroom Accommodation Plan (CAP).

  1. Students will submit an Accommodation Request to all of their instructors via AIM. 
  2. Once you receive a request, you may complete and Alternative Testing Agreement for your entire class wherein which any students that receive alternative testing for that class will follow the same guidelines. 
  3. Once an Alternative Testing Agreement is completed, it is your students responsibility to request an exam date and time with DSP&S. 
  4. Once your student requests a test date and time, please review it. If approved, upload an exam file in AIM so that DSP&S may confirm the appointment with the student. 
  5. DSP&S will proctor your students and deliver the completed exam to you using the method you specified.
  6. To access the Alternative Tesing Agreement, log in to the AIM Instructor Portal