Test accommodations are any modifications made to tests or testing conditions that allow students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a testing situation. Common test accommodations include extending the amount of time students are given to complete a test, the test in an alternate format, use of a scribe or assistance completing a Scantron, a less distracting environment or private room, or access to assistive technology and adaptive furniture.

Eligible students will present you with their Classroom Accommodations Plan (CAP) at the beginning of the semester. Once you make the class test dates available:

  1. Students will submit a request to take the test with DSP&S using either the Test accommodations Request Form on the DSP&S webpage or in person in D209.
  2. DSP&S will e-mail you the DSP&S Test Accommodations Proctoring Form for you to provide us with instructions for proctoring your test.
  3. You should complete the DSP&S Test Accommodations Proctoring Form and deliver it along with a copy of your test to DSP&S as soon as possible. We prefer you e-mail the test to our designated e-mail account for test accommodations at ExamsDSPS@pasadena.edu.
  4. DSP&S will proctor your test and deliver the completed test to you using the method you specified.