Get Started in DSP&S

If you have a verified disability and would like to get started with the DSP&S program, you can apply by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Apply to PCC
    To start receiving DSP& services, you must be a PCC student. Apply Now to get Started!
  2. Apply to receive DSP&S services by emailing the following to the DSP&S office:
    • A completed DSP&S application
    • Verification of Disability (VOD). VODs may include Classroom Accommodation Plan (CAP) from other colleges, IEPs from the K-12 system, and medical documentation such as audiograms or doctor’s reports
    • Your transcripts or other educational documentation you feel may be relevant to services you may need at PCC.
  3. Complete the PCC New Students “steps to register” process
    • Contact our office if you need assistance with this process or if you are unsure on how to proceed.
  4. Meet with a DSP&S professional
    During this meeting, you will:
    • Answer intake questions
    • Develop and sign your Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) with your teacher specialist. Your teacher specialist will also be able to help you with choosing classes and setting up your Classroom Accommodation Plan (CAP).