What is Alternative Media?

Alternative media (alt media) is media in a format allowing use with assistive technology or direct use by students with disabilities. Some formats of alt media include: braille, PDFs, word docs and other specialized formats.

These forms of media allow for a variety of educational styles and preferences. Additionally, assistive technology provided for using alt media tend to include study tools for note-taking and other related functions. 

Request Alt Media

Alt Media can be requested for classes at any time, and should be requested as early as possible after registering for your classes.

You can request alt media by following these steps:

  1. Complete the Alt Media Form

    Complete the Alt Media Form Onlineor in person in D-209.

  2. Meet with the Alt Media Specialist:

    You will meet with the Alternate Media Specialist, who will help you determine your format preference and provide you with appropriate training to use alt media on your devices. You will also go over the rules and procedures for alternate media services.

  3. Provide your book’s proof of purchase

    This can be a physical copy of the book or receipt for the book.

  4. Arrange to receive the alt media materials.

    This can be done via flash drive, Google drive, in-person pickup, or hardcopy (depending on the type of media).

Adapted Handouts

These handouts include anything that needs to be reproduced in an accessible format—for example, a teacher’s syllabus or other in-class handouts. Some types of adapted handouts include conversion to e-text, braille or enlarged print.

How to request handouts:

  1. Request documents from your instructor
    Your instructor often has handouts in word or some other original format. Requesting access to their original files can often be simpler and faster than requesting accommodation. 

  2. Drop off document to be converted
    Your documents can be delivered via e-mail or in person. If delivered in person to D-209, please fill out the form available at the front desk for tracking purposes. Turnaround time is based on the number of pages to be converted and complexity of the material. If it will be more than a week, the date will be communicated to you.