Study for a semester in Oxford, England!

Oxford, home of the Pasadena City College Semester in England, has been a world renowned center of learning since the 13th century. This historic town houses over forty colleges, and is filled with a rich and exciting cultural, artistic, and intellectual history. Marvel at the breathtaking architecture. Stroll through the university quadrangles and manicured gardens. Experience the beauty and distinction of this vibrant city.

Seat of academic excellence and home to one of the oldest universities in Europe (along with Paris and Bologna), Oxford is often described as the “city of dreaming spires.” The city is a manageable size and surrounded by rivers. The beautiful, gentle countryside of Oxfordshire is home to the Chilterns and Cotswolds. Oxford continues to be a place of inspiration to writers and academics.

Program Dates

Feb. 18 - May 23, 2020

  • February 18 - March 5: program starts at PCC
  • March 6-7: en route to U.K.
  • March 9 - May 23: program continues in Oxford

Program Fee

$8,820 Price based on 20 students. Excludes airline taxes & PCC tuition.

Info Sessions

Meet the faculty & learn more about the program at an Information Session!

Noon in C-257:
  • September 19
  • October 8
  • November 5
  • December 5
6:00 pm:
  • September 17 in R-115
  • November 5 in R-115
  • October 7 in C-312
  • December 2 in C-312

Program Dates

  • February 18 - March 5: Program starts at PCC
  • March 6: Group flight departs U.S. for England
  • March 7: Arrive in London, transfer to Oxford
  • March 8: Orientation & sightseeing tour
  • March 9: Classes resume in Oxford
  • April 10 - 19: Spring Break
  • May 23: End of program. Group flight departs London for the U.S.

Program Fees

$8,820 with airfare

Excludes airline taxes & PCC tuition. Based on a minimum enrollment of 20 students.

Program Fee Includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare (LAX – London HR – LAX) & transfers
  • Accommodation in single-room homestays
  • 2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner)
  • Traditional English Tea & Farewell Dinner
  • Oxford Key bus pass with unlimited travel within the city center and homestay areas
  • Free wireless internet access in the classrooms and common areas on campus
  • Guided walking tour of Oxford followed by afternoon tea
  • Full-day excursion to London
  • Full-day excursion to Kelmscott Manor & Lacock Abbey
  • Excursion to Windsor Castle & historic center
  • On-site faculty, student support staff member, and 24-hour emergency contact service
  • Accident and illness insurance
  • Liability insurance

Program fee does not include:

  • Mandatory U.S. government and airline-imposed departure taxes, fees and fuel surcharges of $347 (subject to change)
  • Meals other than those listed
  • Optional medical insurance upgrade ($65) and optional personal effects coverage ($90)
  • Passport and visa fees, if applicable
  • PCC course registration fees
  • Textbooks
  • Personal expenses
Item: Fee: Deadline:
Enrollment Deposit $450.00 Due immediately upon acceptance into program
Balance of Fees $8,370.00 January 10, 2020
Airline Taxes (estimate) $347.00 January 10, 2020
Total $9,167.00  
Optional Upgrades: Fee: Deadline:
Medical Insurance Upgrade $65.00 January 10, 2020

Personal Effects Coverage

$90.00 January 10, 2020

Airfare for student participants is offered on a space-available basis. Airline tickets cannot be arranged for students applying after Thursday, December 12, 2019. Land-only packages, without airfare, may be offered to students accepted into the program after December 12, 2019. 

All students must submit the $450 deposit when completing the online enrollment form. Subsequent payments may be made by check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to “AIFS.” American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

Please note: A $35 returned check fee will be charged on all checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

AIFS Transportation Package 

Tickets purchased from AIFS are exclusively on scheduled airlines (not charters). They are not endorsable to another carrier. Flights are not necessarily direct or non-stop, and frequent flyer miles are not applicable. The AIFS Transportation Package includes round-trip ground transportation from the airport in London to your accommodations on the regularly scheduled program dates. AIFS will book flights on the dates indicated on this application only.

Participants wishing to cancel from the flight must notify AIFS in writing by TBA. Cancellation penalties will apply. Tickets are non-refundable after this date.

AIFS Airfare Regulations

Return must be to original U.S. departure point. Tickets are subject to airline availability. No refunds are available for any unused portion of ticket. Tickets cannot be rerouted, and stopovers are not permitted. Once in Oxford participants may be able to change their return date, but only if that date is available and in the same class of service in which the ticket was booked. Only the ticketing agent can provide this information. Participants are subject to agency and airline-imposed change fees and space availability. Group round-trip ground transportation to and from the airport in London is on the regularly scheduled program dates only.

A minimum of 12 participants must take the AIFS flight for it to be offered.

AIFS Refund Policy

All notification of withdrawal must be made in writing via fax or certified mail to: Registrar, Customized, Faculty-led Programs, AIFS Study Abroad, 1 High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905. The fax number is 203.399.5597. Postmark date or date of fax transmission is considered date of withdrawal. All withdrawal statements must be signed by the applicant, or they will not be processed.

If a student withdraws on or before Thursday, December 12, 2019, s/he will receive a refund for all fees paid less a $150 processing fee and any non-refundable deposits paid by the student or by AIFS on the student’s behalf.

If a student withdraws after Thursday, December 12, 2019, but on or before Friday, January 10, 2020, s/he will receive a refund for all fees paid less the $450 deposit and any non-refundable deposits paid by the student or by AIFS on the student's behalf.

After Friday, January 10, 2020, the total program fee is due and no refund will be given for any reason except medical covered by the AIFS Fees Refund and Medical Insurance Policy. The policy requires written proof of medical reasons provided by your physician.

This refund policy is necessary because the booking of facilities in Oxford requires substantial non-refundable payments and commitments by AIFS in advance.


Participants must enroll in a minimum of 12 units from the following program courses:

Course No. Course Name Units
ENGL 001C Critical Thinking & Argument 4
ENGL 05A Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENGL 061 Introduction to the Novel 3
HUM 001 Introduction to Humanities 3
HUM 002 Humanities, Science & Technology 3
HUM 004 Humanities through the Arts 3

* All courses are CSU/UC transferable.* Honors Program credit for those who qualify

English 001C: Critical Thinking & Argument

The “Critical Thinking and Argument” advanced composition course focuses on critical thinking, argumentative texts, and writing argumentative papers.  In this special class, we will consider the historical, philosophical, and literary roles of poetry.  We will conceptually focus on logic, rhetoric, and argumentation, and our thematic focus will be on poetic theory, poetic texts, and the primary literary tradition of English poetry.  In studying the theories and the monumentally important poetry of the British Isles, we will read Oxford poets—poets such as Donne, Shelley, Arnold, Larkin, Auden, and more—while in this remarkable place of the poets and on the very grounds of their works; it will be a unique and robust scholarly experience.

English 05A: Introduction to Creative Writing

We will form a writing group in our English 5A class, “Introduction to Creative Writing,” for our own creative writing.  We will practice writing the kinds of literature studied in our courses in your own stories, poems, non-fiction pieces, and more.  My previous students have even published their Oxford work.  Our creative writing experiments will also give you expressive outlets to record your time living abroad, reflect on you travels, and share your experiences.  Additionally, in our writing time at the University of Oxford, we join a prestigious tradition by following in the astounding line of the famous writers, such as Oscar Wilde, Aldous Huxley, Evelyn Waugh, Lewis Carroll, and J.R.R. Tolkien and so many more.  We will be Oxford writers.

English 061: Introduction to the Novel

The English 61 course, “Introduction to the Novel,” will trace a tradition of the English novel in our reading of great works of literature and novels by Shelley, Woolf, and Orwell.  We will study the form of the novel and analyze literary representations as these novels speak about the English people and the history, culture, and lands of England.  Outings, such as London city walks and the day trip excursions, will put us in the scenes depicted in the novels and we will step into the living environs of the authors.

Humanities 001: Introduction to Humanities

To focus our study of the humanities, we will devote the semester to an examination of a vital institution of the discipline: the museum. Analyzing the politics of collections, display, world’s fairs, and exhibitions in the context of Oxford’s numerous research collections and museums will offer a window into the history of the museum in relation to political and intellectual change, colonialism, and discussions of cultural identity and modernity. Museums mediate our relationship to history, identity, and conceptions of culture and as such serve as excellent sites of study. They have also served as arbiters of cultural value and worth and public meaning. As such, museums, collections, and exhibitions have also been called upon to do political work in the crafting of ideas of nationalism and in the 19th century begin to parallel the development of modern consumer and popular culture.

After we do some theoretical grounding defining the museum and ideas of display, we will explore various branches of humanities and explore different responses to the question: What work does the museum do? We will not only be introduced to a variety of different disciplines and writing styles, we will also develop a critical understanding of our local context and its history through weekly visits to museums and collections.

Humanities 002: Humanities, Science & Technology

Together we will explore a diverse set of case studies in the history of science and technology. In particular, we are investigating the role of science and technology in everyday life, as means of knowledge production, and as tools of political power through time. In weekly readings, we encounter authors from a variety of different disciplines, exposing us to numerous methods in the study of science and technology. In doing so, we will develop insights into the ways in which science and technology inflect contemporary life and how ideas of scientific and technological progress are currently discussed.

Taking advantage of our location in England, a nation that was fundamentally transformed during the period referred to as the industrial revolution, we will deeply contextualize this period of rapid technological and scientific change, emphasizing the ways these shifts impacted cultural production and politics. Earth shattering scientific theories around evolution and the origin of man have their roots in England. In this class we will work to interpret these theories in fullness of their cultural and political context. Likewise, the robust museum culture of Oxford and London will allow for an exploration of the ways in which museums represent the history of science and technology.

Humanities 004: Humanities through the Arts

In this class, we are investigating the role of the arts—including architecture, painting, landscape architecture, literature, and music—in everyday life, as means of knowledge production, and as tools of political power through time. In weekly readings, we encounter authors from a variety of different disciplines, exposing us to numerous methods in the study of the arts. In doing so, we will develop insights into the ways in which we consume the arts, what stories the arts convey, and how we can contribute to broader discussion of the role of the arts in contemporary culture. 

Taking advantage of our location in Oxford, we will explore artistic and philosophical movements that have their roots in the area including the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the Arts and Crafts Movement, Aestheticism, and Decadence. Each of these movements challenged traditional definitions of the arts and questioned the relationship of the arts to modernity, politics, and commercialism.  These Oxford-based movements used the arts as a way to express a stance on technological and cultural change and in many ways rejected modernity and embraced a fascinating set of historical and folk traditions.

Program Faculty

Dr. brian Adler, English Professor

Dr. Brian Adler

Brian R. Adler is a professor of English at Pasadena City College who looks forward to returning to the literary place of Oxford.  Professor Adler has taught literature and writing courses at universities and the college for twenty years.  He received his bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Washington and did his graduate work on literature and critical theory in the Ph.D. program at the University of California, Irvine. With a boundless appreciation for literature, language, and writing, he enthusiastically teaches composition, literature, and creative writing classes.  After leading PCC’s Theatre in London program in 2015 & 2017, and the Oxford Study Abroad program in 2018, he is excited to once again return to England, live the life of a British writer, and share this wonderful cultural experience with our students.

Dr. Anna Kryczka, Humanities Professor

Dr. Anna Kryczka

Dr. Kryczka has lived in southern California for last 9 years and has taught humanities at PCC for the last three years. At PCC, her teaching emphasizes the legacies of colonialism, theories of race, and conceptions of gender difference in media, culture, and politics.  She came to California to earn her Ph.D. in Visual Studies at UC Irvine. She has presented at various academic conferences and museums on topics on including Martha Stewart’s 1982 debut book, the politics of citrus cultivation in Orange County, Jacqueline Kennedy’s 1962 TV tour of the White House, and the development of the Southern California desert, among other things. She served as an Academic Juror for the 2016 Peabody Awards Screening Committee. Her research has been published in in the journals of Visual Studies and History and Technology and in her book, Learning by Doing at the Farm: Craft, Science, and Counterculture in Modern California. As a scholar of culture, media, and technology, Dr. Kryczka is thrilled to bring her interdisciplinary approach and critical eye to the study of British cultural production and history. Having studied abroad as an undergraduate in Florence, Dr. Kryczka has not been back to Europe since and is overjoyed at the prospect of sharing this experience with a fabulous group of PCC students.

Meals & Accommodations

Accommodations in furnished, single-room, homestays. You will live with a local family in central Oxford and have your own room with a desk, and a key to the house. Daily continental breakfast and dinner will be provided in addition to weekly laundry service. Linens will also be provided, although you should bring your own towels. All homestay families are carefully screened and selected by AIFS personnel overseas. The AIFS Local Organizer will use the information you provide on your housing form to place you with a local family.

Excursions & Activities

Orientation Tour
Orientation program upon arrival followed by a walking tour of Oxford, entrance to an Oxford University College, and afternoon tea.

Enjoy a full-day excursion to London - a diverse and exciting city with some of the world's best sights, attractions and activities. Your time in London will include a guided sightseeing tour, entrance into the Tower of London, a boat trip along the River Thames, and an evening of theatre in the West End.

Kelmscott Manor & Lacock Abbey
Guided day-trip to two historic country manor houses: Kelmscott Manor - the 17th century Cotswold retreat of William Morris, the father of the Arts & Crafts movement; and Lacock Abbey - a medieval monastery turned Tudor family home, and birthplace of British photography. Explore the historic architecture and rare furnishings, stroll the beautiful hedgerow gardens and grounds, and learn about the monastic and farmstead history of these two grand manors. 

Windsor Castle
Visit the royal residence of Windsor, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Stroll through the state apartments, visit St. George's Chapel, and tour the historic center of this charming town.

Independent Travel
Use your free weekends and Spring Break to travel to Europe’s great cities. Local staff will assist you in choosing destinations and transportation. Student favorites include Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Berlin.

Additional activities will be available in or around Oxford, either at no additional cost or for a subsidized fee. Activities may include visits to local libraries and museums, Blenheim Palace, Harry Potter Studios, and more!

Financial Aid may be available to those who qualify. Grants, loans, and scholarships may be used to pay program fees.

Apply immediately. You should allow up to eight weeks for your financial aid request to be processed.

More About Financial Aid options at PCC

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To be eligible for the program, you must be at least 18 years old on the date of departure. All adult students and varied educational backgrounds are welcome! You do not need to be a current PCC student to join the program.

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More Information

Contact Professor Andrea Murray, Study Abroad Coordinator

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