Program Description

The curriculum prepares students to transfer to a 4-year Interior Design program or seek employment in the interior design industry as entry-level designers. Emphasis is on a solid foundation in the area of Interior Design. Students will develop a portfolio.

An Occupational Skills Certificate is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a command of the vocabulary of the interior design field, and an understanding of the components of interior design.
  2. Create original design projects that analyze, define, and solve problems in interior design, including space planning, materials and furnishings, design communication and visualization.
  3. Utilize the critique process to analyze design solutions and the effectiveness of the visual communication of projects.
  4. Create and present a portfolio of original student work that represents the necessary skills and an understanding of the principles and elements of design relative to the profession of interior design.

Requirements for the Occupational Skills Certificate

Required Units: 15

Required Courses

  • ART 041A - Interior Design: Space Planning and Materials (3)
  • ART 041B - Interior Design: Space Planning and Materials II (3)
  • ART 041C - Interior Design: Space Planning and Materials III (3)
  • ART 016 - Perspective (3)
  • ART 032A - Design-Three Dimensional (3)

Recommended Electives

  • ART 001A - History of Western Art-Prehistoric through Medieval (3)
  • ART 001B - History of Western Art
  • ART 031A - Color and Composition-Two Dimensional Design (3)
  • ART 031B - Color Theory (30
  • ART 033A - Product Design Application (3)
  • ART 040 - Introduction to Digital Arts (3)

Catalog Year
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