Program Description

Upon completion of the requirements, the costume student will be prepared to pattern, cut and sew historical costumes. The use of industrial sewing equipment, patternmaking, tools and materials are part of the training program. Historical costumes will be studied and created by the student as part of the program to train students to enter the field of costume technician or sewer.  

This training serves to offer the basic skills required to qualify for employment in a costume business, or as a costume assistant.  Studies in the history of fashion, both modern and historical clothing construction, alterations, and patternmaking by draped methods are part of the course of study.

An Occupational Skills Certificate is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

  1. Design and create an historical costume based on historical research using appropriate fabric selection.
  2. Utilize current draping and drafting methods to create original patterns that become garments that fit the human body well.
  3. Demonstrate an intermediate proficiency in operating industrial equipment for apparel industry garment construction and fabric selection.

Requirements for the Occupational Skills Certificate

Required Units: 15

Required Courses

  • FASH 001A - Fashion Survey (3)
  • FASH 002 - Introduction to Fashion Industry (3)
  • FASH 005 - Pattern Drafting (3)
  • FASH 124 - History of Costume (3)
  • FASH 126 - Historical Costume Making (3)

Recommended Electives

  • FASH 001B - Intermediate Clothing Construction (3)
  • FASH 001C - Advanced Clothing Construction (3)
  • FASH 108 - Patternmaking by Draping (3)
  • FASH 110 - Fashion Illustration (3)
  • THRT 015 - Costume Crafts (3)

Catalog Year
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