Program Description

The Occupational Skills Certificate in Elder Care provides geriatrics and gerontology education and training for entry level health care professionals. Persons completing this certificate program are prepared to provide specialized, quality care for older adults. This certificate program is offered to students who are currently enrolled in the PCC Registered Nursing Program course NURS 050 or higher or the equivalent foundational nursing courses at other colleges or students who have graduated from the PCC Registered Nursing Program. Transcript reflecting equivalent courses with a grade of C or better is required.

An Occupational Skills Certificate is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

  1. Recognize  the cultural, social, political, spiritual, health, and economic components of aging.
  2. Provide basic care for elder clients.
  3. Advocate for elder clients and families.

Requirements for the Occupational Skills Certificate

Required Units: 12

Required Courses

  • GERO 001 – Introduction to Gerontology (3)
  • NURS 050 – Foundational Nursing Care (3)
  • NURS 050L – Foundational Nursing Care-Clinical (5)
  • NURS 050S – Foundational Nursing-Seminar (1)

Catalog Year
This information reflects the information from the 2020-2021 catalog. If you have questions about a previous version, please review our Catalog Archives and/or speak with a Counselor.

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