Program Description

A degree in the Music major from Pasadena City College enables students to develop musical proficiency and prepares students to successfully audition on their primary instrument for acceptance into a university music department or to fulfill the needs of students who wish to have career goals in the field of music. This major is intended to align student course work with preparation for transfer to universities in Music, Music (Performing), Music Education, Music Industry and Technology, Musical Theatre, and other similar fields of study. Such majors are widely available in many CSU, UC, and private schools. Students completing this degree typically continue in the fields of music performance and/or teaching.

PLEASE NOTE: The courses that universities and colleges require for transfer vary. When selecting courses for transfer purposes, students should consult with Counseling Services to determine the particular transfer requirements of specific transfer institutions.

Program Outcomes

  1. Present successful solo performances using appropriate repertoire for their chosen instrument/voice with technical proficiency, musicality and stylistic awareness.
  2. Perform and/or participate successfully in small and large ensembles, using time management and interpersonal skills to assist in the production of a collaborative musical work.
  3. Write analytical, historical, critical, biographical, and research oriented projects on topics in music, covering each of the musical-historical periods from the Middle Ages to the modern era.
  4. Use standard music references and resources (reference works, periodicals, software, etc.) in both their on and off line formats.
  5. Use a variety of technological resources and tools to enhance their performing, composing and music production.

Requirements for the AA Degree

To qualify for this degree, you must meet these requirements:

  • Minimum of 60 AA units
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Complete the traditional AA or IGETC or CSU GE
  • Complete this area of emphasis

Area of Emphasis Required Courses

Courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. All courses must be numbered 001-099. 

Students must complete all of the following courses (36 units):

  • MUSC 001A - Music Theory I (3)
  • MUSC 001B - Music Theory II (3)
  • MUSC 001C - Music Theory III (3))
  • MUSC 001D-  Music Theory IV (3)
  • MUSC 002A - Musicianship I (1)
  • MUSC 002B - Musicianship II (1)
  • MUSC 002C - Musicianship III (1)
  • MUSC 002D - Musicianship IV (1)
  • MUSC 004A - Keyboard Skills I (1)
  • MUSC 004B - Keyboard Skills II (1)
  • MUSC 004C - Keyboard Skills III (1)
  • MUSC 004D - Keyboard Skills IV (1)
  • MUSC 007A - Music History & Literature (3)
  • MUSC 007B - Music History & Literature (3)
  • MUSC 010 Concert Music (must be completed 4 times) 2 (0.5 each) units

Select four units from the following options:

  • MUSC 009A - Individual Instruction I (1)
  • MUSC 009B - Individual Instruction II (Classical) (1)
    or MUSC 009D Individual Instruction II (Jazz/Commercial) (1)

Students must complete two units from the following courses:

  • MUSC 009C - Individual Instruction III (Classical) (1)
    MUSC 009E - Individual Instruction III (Jazz/Commercial) (1)

Students must complete four additional units from the following courses:

  • MUSC 043 - Piano Ensemble (1)
  • MUSC 044 - Piano Accompanying (1)
  • MUSC 056 - Vocal Jazz Ensemble (1)
  • MUSC 057A - Jazz Combo (1)
  • MUSC 057B - Lancer Jazz Big Band (1)
  • MUSC 057C - Studio Jazz Ensemble (1)
  • MUSC 057D - Swing Band (1)
  • MUSC 057E - Jazz Guitar Ensemble (1)
  • MUSC 057F - Latin Jazz Ensemble (1)
  • MUSC 057G - Dixieland/Swing Combo (1)
  • MUSC 059 - Chamber Orchestra (1)
  • MUSC 060 - College/Community Orchestra (1)
  • MUSC 061-  Lancer Marching Band (2)
  • MUSC 062 - Lancer Concert Band (2)
  • MUSC 063 - Concert Choir (1)
  • MUSC 064 - Chamber Singers (2)
  • MUSC 065 - College/Community Concert Band (1)
  • MUSC 066 - Madrigals (1)
  • MUSC 074 - Opera Workshop (2)
  • MUSC 075 - Musical Theater Workshop (2)
  • MUSC 082 - Guitar Ensemble (1)

General Education Requirements

To be eligible for an AA degree, you must complete general education requirements in addition to the area of emphasis course requirements. You choose to follow one of the following three GE Patterns:

Which GE Pattern you choose to follow is based on your transfer plans. Speak with your counselor or visit the Transfer Center to find out more about which GE Pattern to follow.  

Catalog Year
This information reflects the information from the 2020-2021 catalog. If you have questions about a previous version, please review our Catalog Archives and/or speak with a Counselor.

AA Degree Recommended Course Sequence 

The following is a recommended colurse sequence to complete your AA degree in two years.  In addition to the course sequence, you will also need to complete your General Education requirements. 

This is only a recommended sequence. Prior to following this sequence, we advise you to meet with a Counselor to dsicuss your specific Academic goals and develop a Student Education Plan.

Year One

Year 1, Fall Semester

Core Music Major Sequence

  • Music 1A - Theory
  • Music 2A - Musicianship
  • Music 4A Keyboard Skills

Individual Instruction & Ensembles

  • Music 10 - Concert Music
  • Music 9A - Individual Instruction
Year 1, Spring Semester

Core Music Major Sequence

  • Music 1B - Theory
  • Music 2B - Musicianship
  • Music 4B - Keyboard Skills

Individual Instruction & Ensembles

  • Music 10 - Concert Music
  • Music 9B or D - Individual Instruction Ensemble

Year Two

Year 2, Fall Semester

Core Music Major Sequence

  • Music 1C - Theory
  • Music 2C - Musicianship
  • Music 4C - Keyboard Skills

Individual Instruction & Ensembles

  • Music 10 - Concert Music
  • Music 9C or E - Individual Instruction Ensemble

Music 7A - Music History & Literature

Year 2, Spring Semester

Core Music Major Sequence

  • Music 1D - Theory
  • Music 2D - Musicianship
  • Music 4D - Keyboard Skills

Individual Instruction & Ensembles

  • Music 10 - Concert Music
  • Music 9C or E - Individual Instruction Ensemble

Music 7B - Music History & Literature