The Freeman Center is dedicated to creating equitable access to quality career services across our campus community. Our partnerships with faculty and staff ensure we effectively meet students’ career needs through yearlong activities, such as those listed on this page.

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Pasadena City College offers work experience/internship courses, known as BUS070A and BUS070B. Faculty who are interested in teaching a work experience/internship course can follow this step-by-step process.

  • Step 1: Faculty who are interested in teaching a work experience/internship course must get approval from their division dean first. Each division is responsible for compensating faculty a rate of $200 per student enrolled in the course.
  • Step 2: Students must secure a job/internship to be eligible for a work experience/internship course. Students need to provide a copy of their job/internship offer letter to an Internship Developer at the Freeman Center for Career & Completion. The offer letter needs to include the following information to gain approval for the work experience/internship course:
    • supervisors name, email, and phone number
    • the organization’s name and address
    • the job/internship start date and end date  
    • total job/internship hours per week
  • Step 3: The job/internship opportunity is vetted by an Internship Developer at the Freeman Center for Career and Completion to ensure compliance with our District’s employment guidelines. Internship Developers are responsible for communicating discrepancies directly with the employer partner.
  • Step 4: One the employment opportunity has been approved by an Internship Developer, the faculty member will be notified and can move forward with creating a course section. Internship Developers will provide guidance on the number of units a student is eligible for based on the information provided in the employment offer letter.
  • Step 5: The faculty member will provide the Course Reference Number (CRN) and add code to the Internship Developer. The internship Developer will communicate this information to the student via email, and the faculty member will be copied in the message.
  • Step 6: The Internship Developer will help process worksite agreements with the employment host site.
  • Step 7: The faculty will be responsible for collecting the required documents for the work experience/internship course, including but not limited to:
    • Student learning agreements
    • Weekly Time Logs
    • Student evaluations
    • Employer evaluations

For support or questions regarding our work experience/internship courses, faculty can contact our Internship Developers: Isabel Ochoa, and Noel Gonzalez,

We offer a range of career topics for workshops and presentations, including resume building, cover letter writing, interview skills, LinkedIn networking, major exploration, internship preparation, job search, overcoming career barriers, self-discovery, and career center orientations. 

We offer guided tours of our career center that highlight student check-in process, career appointment offices, and our workshop area. During tours, students are provided digital and printed career resources with information on our online job board, appointment services, and upcoming events. Tours can be combined with workshops listed above.

The Freeman Center coordinates work-based learning opportunities yearround, including career fairs, internship information sessions, mentorship programs, networking events, industry site tours, and more! Our team collaborates with faculty and staff to coordinate work-based learning programs and supports with industry engagement.

Our employer engagement team leads student recruitment activities for on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities, including jobs and internships. Our team can assist with creating job descriptions, promoting opportunities to students, and vetting candidates that meet your program’s needs.

The Freeman Center partners with staff and faculty to provide career exploration events for all students, across all disciplines and industries. Event collaborations can include activities such as career panels, networking events, information sessions, and resource fairs.

Contact Career Center
  • IT-200
  • (626) 585-3377
  • Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

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