Coronavirus Updates
All PCC Rosemead classes will continue to be offered through remote means until further notice.

Message to Our Community

Since March 2020, we have unfortunately been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this same time, the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community has been experiencing a heightened level of racism and unacceptable forms of hate including  violence and death.  As an educational organization located in the city of Rosemead where a large portion of the residents identify as AAPI, we are an active member proudly serving our community.

The AAPI community has a long American history of valuable contributions to the our country as active immigrants, residents and citizens.  Unfortunately, there is also a long history of exclusion and hate that is embedded in our society. We will work together to dismantle systems of oppression and support efforts towards inclusion.  The following are organizations, resources, and services available to support our students:

PCC API Student Guide/Resource

Temporary Changes to PCC Rosemead Services due to COVID-19

During this time, our PCC Rosemead faculty and staff remain committed to your well-being. We are modifying our services to be able to continue to support you in your classes. Please use our Remote/Online services during this time of temporary remote instruction/service.

PCC Rosemead Services Schedule

PCC at Rosemead is an educational satellite that offers general education credit courses leading to Degrees or Transfer, noncredit courses, and key student support services. As a student attending PCC at Rosemead, you will be a regularly enrolled PCC student with access to all PCC student services and the PCC Colorado Blvd. campus. Plus, the small, intimate setting of our center and courses, gives you easy access to faculty members and allows you to better get to know your peers!

Our Courses

The courses and programs offered at the Rosemead site support students who wish to:

  • complete GE requirements for an AA or AS degree
  • prepare to transfer to a 4-year college or university
  • take ESL classes to learn the English language through PCC Adult Education program
  • complete requirements for a degree within 5 academic programs

  • current local high school students looking to enroll concurrently 

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Pasadena City College established an educational site in the City of Rosemead in October 2013, or PCC at Rosemead in an effort to continue its commitment to "providing access to higher education for members of the diverse communities within the District service area".

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classes are open access and are available to most who wish to enroll.
  • International Students cannot take courses at Rosemead, due to federal regulations.
  • If you are currently a student at PCC, Rosemead classes are noted on the Schedule of Classes.

Students interested in enrolling at PCC at Rosemead must first apply through the general PCC application process.

Apply Now

Yes. Any student eligible to receive financial aid at PCC may use funds to enroll in courses offered at PCC at Rosemead. Representative is available at PCC Rosemead on Wednesdays. Specific questions should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office.

No. Attending PCC at Rosemead has the same financial cost as if attending the PCC Colorado campus. Personal cost for transportation and food services may vary, depending on a student's individual situation.

Yes, high school students wishing to enroll concurrently may take courses with prior authorization from their high school. Students should follow instructions found online at Get Started at PCC.  The completed form, signed by the high school counselor may be submitted at the PCC at Rosemead location.

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PCC at Rosemead follows all PCC general guidelines for admissions and enrollment.