In defining academic and professional matters, the parties will adhere to Title 5 Regulations, Subchapter 2, Academic Senates, Sections 53200 through 53204. These regulations came about as a result of the directives in AB-1725.

The functions of the Council on Academic and Professional Matters shall be as follows:

  1. To identify and maintain a list of those matters, within the scope of Title 5, Sections 53200 through 53204, which are considered to be academic and professional by the Pasadena Area Community College District.
  2. To review the College Coordinating Council agenda to identify those matters that are of an academic and professional nature and to refer such matters to the Academic Senate Board.
  3. To reach mutual agreement on recommendations from the Academic Senate Board on proposed policy relating to academic and professional matters.
  4. To ratify agreement on the above academic and professional matters by having both the Board's designee(s) and the Academic Senate Board representatives sign off on those issues where mutual agreement has been achieved. (Before signing off, Academic Senate representatives will obtain approval of such mutual agreement from the Academic Senate Board.)
  5. To transmit in writing to the Board of Trustees, those recommendations which are proposed to become District policy, having been mutually agreed to by the Academic Senate Board and the Board of Trustees or its designee(s).


The Council on Academic and Professional Matters attempts to achieve mutual agreement between the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees, or its designee(s), on academic and professional matters.