Have something to print? Use one of the PCC Print Kiosks — available at Colorado Campus and PCC at Rosemead! 

How does it work?

Through a partnership with Wēpa cloud printing, PCC students can print on a number of print kiosks around campus. You can print from a number of common cloud services (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Office 365) through the Wēpa website. Or you can download software to your computer that lets you print directly to the Wēpa system.

To Get Started:

  1. Visit the Wēpa website
  2. Login in with your PCC email address and LancerPoint password
  3. Follow the steps to upload your document.

After you upload your document to the Wēpa system, visit any Print Kiosk to print your document!

Printing Fees

Fees for printing are as follows:

Black & White

  • Single Sided: $0.10/page
  • Double Sided: $0.17/page


  • Single Sided: $0.40/page
  • Double Sided: $0.70/page
Print Kiosk Locations

Colorado Campus:

  • D Building (1st floor hallway & 3rd floor lab)
  • C Building - 3rd Floor Hallway
  • GM-112 Athletic Zone
  • CC Building - Outside WiFi Lounge
  • R-406 (Math Success Center)
  • LL Library - Main Floor
  • LL Library – Bottom Floor

PCC at Rosemead

  • Room 105
  • Room 215

Payment is possible using any major credit or debit card or PayPal. You may also use cash to purchase Wēpa print cards at Student Business Services in the B building or via Wēpa card dispensers in D104, the bottom floor of the Library, and in Rosemead 105.


For more information and technical support, please visit the Wēpa Support website..

Wēpa Support