We celebrate Black womxn (employees, students, and alumni) in professional and academic safe spaces by creating inclusive, authentic, and supportive relationships to uplift and promote sisterhood.  A sisterhood of empowered womxn affirming one another by focusing our energy on Us! 

Connection & Services In addition to offering a place of refuge for Black womxn at PCC, the purpose of BUILD Womxn is to formalize a connection between employees, students, and alumni who identify as Black womxn. We aim to offer a variety of services that aid and foster acclimation, empowerment, professional or academic growth of Black womxn at PCC to promote their personal success.
Creating BUILD Womxn Black/African-American womxn represent less than 1% of the employee population and 2% of the overall student population at Pasadena City College (PCC). BUILD Womxn is a space “for us, by us” specifically intended to address anti-Black actions, misogyny, and instances of microaggressions both on-campus, locally, and nationwide. A sense of urgency to empower and support Black / African-American employees, students, and alumni led to the creation of BUILD Womxn.

Contact BUILD Womxn

To learn more about BUILD Womxn and to get involved in our sisterhood, please contact (626) 585-7798.