Whether you are looking to advance in your job, complete an academic goal or acquire a new skill or ability, the Noncredit Division has programs to help in your pursuit of personal and professional goals. Noncredit Courses are free and open to anyone. Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Apply to PCC Noncredit Division

    Complete the Noncredit Division application online or at the Noncredit Admissions & Records Office, located on the Foothill Campus (formerly CEC).

    Apply Now or find out more about the noncredit division

  2. Take Your Placement Tests

    Some of our programs include placement tests as a tool to get you into the right class. Placement tests are needed before enrolling in the following courses and programs: Noncredit English as a Second Language (ESL), General Educational Development (GED) or the Adult High School Diploma program.

    Make an Appointment for Placement Testing (Noncredit only) or learn more about placement tests

  3. Complete Your Orientation

    For some of our programs, you may need to attend an orientation to familiarize yourself with our facilities and policies. To see if an orientation is required for your specific program, please contact the Counseling Office in Room 105 at the Foothill Campus (formerly the CEC) or at (626) 585-3000.

  4. Meet with a Counselor

    After you've completed your placement tests and orientation, it's time to plan your classes! A counselor will meet with you to help you plan your class schedule and make sure you are placed in the correct courses to help you meet your goals.

  5. Register for Your Classes

    During your meeting with your counselor, you will receive a registration card. Take this card and a valid ID to the Admissions & Records office in Room 100 to complete your enrollment and get signed up for your classes.

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