California Assembly Bill 104 (AB 104) allocates funds to regional consortia comprised of community college districts, their K-12 counterparts, and other regional providers of adult education programs and services. Regional collaboration provides capacity for the K-12 and community college adult education programs to find common ground and cross historical geographic and cultural boundaries to provide adult learners more robust education and training opportunities, and to expand and improve the quality and reach of adult education as evinced, ultimately, by (A) Improved literacy skills, (B) Completion of high school diplomas or their recognized equivalents, (C) Transition into postsecondary study, (D) Completion of postsecondary certificates, degrees, or training programs, (E) Placement into jobs, and (F) Improved wages.

The PCC Noncredit Division, Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD), and Temple City Unified School District have entered into the Pasadena Area Consortium (PAC) to expand adult education programs to a greater number of adult learners.

The PAC’s vision is to provide academic and workforce skills training and teaching excellence for all Adult Basic Education (ABE), Adult Secondary Education (ASE), and English as Second Language (ESL) learners in a supportive community environment. The goal is also to promote higher educational pathways or workforce preparation goals through noncredit, credit academic or CTE programs.