What to Do 

Once you’ve learned about our Noncredit programs and courses, go to the Schedule of Classes to find out if the course(s) you’re interested in are available in your preferred Term/Semester.

Go to the Schedule of Classes

How To Do It 

How to find noncredit courses in the schedule of classes

There are two ways to search for Noncredit classes in the Schedule of Classes.  You can view either a general list of all Noncredit courses OR search for a specific subject. 

  1. Select the Term.
  2. In Course Level, select “Non-Credit.”  
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Search 
  1. Select the Term.  
  2. In Course Level, select “Non-Credit.”  
  3. In Subject, look for your specific NONCREDIT subject from the list. 
  4. Select your NONCREDIT subject.  For example, “Business Noncredit”  
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Search.  

Once You Find your Courses

In the Schedule of Classes, each course will have a CRN, Meeting Time,  Location, starting and ending dates, and Status. 

  • The CRN is the Course Reference Number you will need to register for the class.  
  • The Meeting Times shows the class days and times, note that the class days are abbreviated.  
  • The Location shows where the class is held.  Be sure to check the address provided 
  • The Status shows whether the class is open, closed, waitlisted, or if there are any restrictions requiring you to see a counselor, instructor, take assessment/placement tests, or complete an orientation. 


Get Help 

Contact the Noncredit Division to get your questions answered.

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