You are considered a “Current/Continuing PCC Noncredit Student" if:

  • You are taking Noncredit classes in the current semester, or
  • You have taken Noncredit classes in the previous semester

Follow These Steps:

Learn About Our Noncredit Programs and Classes
Once you’ve learned about our Noncredit programs and courses, go to the Schedule of Classes to find out if the course(s) you’re interested in is available in your preferred Term/Semester.

* Required only for Adult High School, GED Preparation, and some ESL Courses.

Assessment/Placement tests are used to determine your appropriate course level and are required in order to register for these classes.

Review our Assessment/Placement test guide for additional information about what to expect in the testing process.

  • Continuing Adult High School and GED students: your placement test scores are valid for 2 years.
  • Continuing ESL students: your placement test scores are valid for 1 year.
If your tests are still valid, you are not required to complete them again.

* Required only for Adult Basic Education, Adult High School, and/or GED Preparation. You will not be able to register for these courses until you meet with a Counselor and get access to register for these restricted courses.

Adult High School and GED students: You will schedule an appointment with a Counselor on the day of your Assessment/Placement test.  

Adult Basic Education (ABE) students: Schedule an appointment with a Counselor by contacting the Noncredit Counseling department at or (626) 585-3006.

Review your assigned registration date and time in LancerPoint before registering for classes. On your assigned day, login to your LancerPoint account and register using the Course Reference Number (CRN#) in the Schedule of Classes for each course you’re interested in taking.

After registering, make sure to check your PCC student email ( gmail account accessed via LancerPoint). You will receive emails from your instructor(s) and the college periodically.