As a current or recent Noncredit student, you have access to various resources at our PCC Foothill Campus to assist you with your career and/or employment goals. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term job, have employment-related questions, or need help with career planning, we offer individual appointments with our Noncredit Career & Job Services staff. In addition to one-on-one appointments, we also offer in-person and virtual workshops and events throughout the academic year.

If you need help figuring out which type of service would be best for you, read below to learn about the difference between our Career and Job Services.

Career Services

If you need to clarify your career and educational goals, our career specialists can guide you through the exploration process.  You may benefit from an individual Career Services appointment if you: 

  • Are unclear, confused, or undecided about your career options
  • Are interested in starting or changing a career
  • Need help figuring out what to do next after completing a class/program
  • Need to figure out how to transition from a career in another country
  • Want to learn about careers that may match your interests and personality
  • Want to learn how to transfer your skills in a different occupation

Meet individually with a Career Counselor or Career Advisor to define and take the next step in your career path.  During your appointment you can:

  • Use self-assessment tools to get career suggestions
  • Identify your interests, personality, skills, strengths, and values and how they relate to careers
  • Learn how to use online resources and informational interviews to research occupations
  • Discover career, employment, and education pathways in various industries that match your interests and goals
  • Get help narrowing down your interests and deciding which career path(s) to pursue
  • Learn what to do with your education and career experience from another country
  • Get resources for career planning
  • Set goals to begin taking steps into a new career

Job Services

If you are looking for a job or preparing for an upcoming job search, you may benefit from an individual Job Services appointment if you need help with the following areas:

  • Job Direction (Need help figuring out what type of jobs to apply for)
  • How to look for and find job opportunities (job search strategies, networking)
  • Filling out Job Applications
  • Resumes 
  • Cover Letters
  • Job Interviews
  • Analyzing & accepting job offers
  • Understanding the typical hiring & onboarding process in the US
  • You already have a job (or were offered a job) and have job-related questions

When you meet with a Career Counselor, Career Advisor, or Job Developer for job search assistance and support services, they may help you:

  • Prepare, plan and organize an effective job search
  • Use strategies, tips, and resources to improve your results
  • Learn how to write professional resumes and cover letters
  • Edit and proofread your applications, resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters
  • Improve your interview skills: preparing and practicing (mock interviews)
  • Follow-up with employers and how to write thank you letters
  • Get job leads and referrals to hiring events
  • Join our private Facebook group to get job search and career related tips, job opening announcements, and hiring event information.
  • Access, search, and apply for job postings on PCC's online job platform College Central Network®

Workshops & Events

In addition to our one-on-one appointments, our Career & Job Services team also offer group sessions, workshops, and events throughout the semester specifically for Noncredit students. Workshop topics we cover include tips on job searching, resume writing, interviewing, how to prepare for job fairs, and more!  Events we offer include employer information sessions where recruiters present information about their company, employment opportunities, and the hiring process. We also offer Noncredit Career and Job Services Info Sessions to introduce our team and provide information about our services.

Noncredit students are also able to access career services and register for workshops offered through the PCC Freeman Center for Career & Completion (on the PCC Colorado Campus).

If you are a current Noncredit student or recently completed Noncredit courses, you will receive email announcements about upcoming events offered by our Noncredit Division as well as the PCC Freeman Center for Career & Completion (on the Colorado Campus). We regularly partner with the PCC Freeman Center to offer job fairs and other events throughout the year.

Make sure to check your email regularly to stay up-to-date about activities and opportunities that may be useful for your career planning and/or job search.

Check out all Workshops & Events at the Career Center

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