From just getting started to receiving help with your coursework, we are here to support you in every step of your educational journey. We offer the following support services to students enrolled in a Noncredit program at PCC:

A noncredit student receives academic help.

Make a plan a for your education

Counseling Services

The counselors at the Noncredit Division can help you with:

Academic Counseling -

Obtain information about programs and courses. Get help figuring out the courses you should take to help you reach your future academic and career goals. Meet with a counselor to complete an orientation required for certain courses. Complete an education plan.  Walk-in or by appointment. 

Career /Job Advising

We can help you explore career options and guide you to the classes that best suit the goals that you have come to pursue. Career Counseling services are by appointment. 

Personal counseling

Beyond just academics, we can help you with personal topics, such as personal growth and stress management.  Services available by appointment. 

Referrals to Outside Resources - Our connections with the surrounding community also enable us to refer you to resources outside of PCC that can help you achieve your career, educational, or personal objectives.

Meet With a Counselor


Call or visit our office to make an appointment with a counselor.


Come in during our open hours and an available counselor will meet with you.

Contact Us

  • Room 105 of the Foothill Campus
  • (626) 585-3006
  • M - Th, 8 am - 8pm
    F, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Academic Support & Tutoring

The Foothill Student Success Center

Our Student Success Center, located in Room 108 at the Foothill Campus, provides academic support and tutoring to help you with your classes. Computer lab, copy machine, and study rooms are available. The center is open to all students enrolled in a Noncredit Program at PCC and can be visited anytime during open hours. 

See Tutoring Schedule

Visit the Student Success Center
  • For assistance with tutoring, please contact your instructor or email Tutoring Coordinator Kathleen Hebron at:
  • Room 108 of the Foothill Campus
  • M - Th, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
    F, Closed

Support for Special Needs 

Disabled Student Programs & Services

Our DSP&S Counselor provides the following services to students with a learning disability.

Intake and Disability Verification - We will ensure that the school community officially recognizes your disability and arrange the specific accommodations you may need.

Disability Management Counseling
 - Counseling professionals can offer guidance and assistance concerning issues that may arise during your coursework.

Student Educational Contracts
 - These contracts are meant to ensure that you can accomplish your chosen courses in an efficient and convenient manner.

Outreach to Instructors - Acting as an official and confidential staff representative, our counselors will communicate with your instructors to get you any necessary aid within the classroom.

DSP&S Liaison - Counselors can assure your access to assistive technologies, adaptive furniture, accommodations for Personal Service Attendants (PSA) and interpreting, and real time captioning.

Meet With a DSPS Counselor

Our DSP&S Counselor is in the Counseling office on the Foothill Campus. Visit us or call to find out more about available services.