Our Immigrant Education classes are specifically designed to provide immigrants and their families with the opportunity to become active and participating members of economic, civic society, and preparation for citizenship.

Immigrant Education Courses

IMME 3000 - Citizenship

Preparation for United States citizenship by navigating through the Naturalization process including preparation for taking the four tests for citizenship, the Oath of Allegiance, and by having the language skills and knowledge to live as productive citizens.

IMME 3001 - Development of Literacy Skills for Native Spanish Speakers

Development of Spanish literacy skills for native speakers. Includes reading, writing, and survival skills necessary for success in workplace, academic and social settings. Designed for native Spanish speakers.

IMME 3002- English for Written Driving Test

Preparation for the written driving test in English while acquiring the essential vocabulary needed to understand the questions and answers. Procedures for taking the test at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as well as the rules when driving in California.

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