Enhance your existing workforce skills and gain new ones through our courses for adults with disabilities. Our courses provide you with a foundation of basic skills that help with both the direct and indirect workplace skills that are necessary for getting and keeping a job.

*During PCC's period of temporary campus closure, we have moved our Noncredit classes online. Please note that some classes may vary in availability. Check the Schedule of Classes to view courses that are currently offered.

An adult with a disability takes courses at the Noncredit Division of PCC.

Skills developed in Adults with Disabilities classes include:

  • Communicate effectively on the job
  • Locate employment opportunities
  • Problem solve
  • Set goals
  • Stay safe on the job site
  • Manage personal finances
  • Utilize transportation resources to get to and from work
  • Use current computer technology
  • Start and keep professional interpersonal relationships
  • Advocate for personal rights

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