Placement Tests

Some of our Noncredit programs use placement tests to determine which class level you should begin in. Placement tests are assessments used to check your academic skill level in a variety of subjects. The results of the tests are used to place you in the appropriate class level.

Remote Testing:

 Virtual Placement Testing is available for High School, GED and ESLN students.Follow these steps to get started:

  • To schedule your appointment for remote testing, click this link: Schedule your Noncredit Placement/Assessment Test
  • Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a separate email containing all the instructions regarding your virtual placement test.
  • You must take the test on a desktop computer, laptop, or a tablet (no cell phones).
  • You must have a working built-in or external webcam and headphone with microphone.  Troubleshoot problems with your webcam or microphone at: Webcam check
  • Your internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.  Hot spots are not recommended.  Determine your internet speed by running a test at: Speed Test
  • A valid photo ID is required at the time of testing.
  • Please email us or call: 626-585-3006 if you have any questions.

In Person Testing:

The Noncredit Division at the Foothill campus will be offering in person assessment services for students who do not have the technology to test remotely.

To schedule your appointment for in person testing, click this link: Schedule your Noncredit Placement/Assessment Test

Please review our Campus Access Policy before coming to the Foothill campus

Protocol for Students Coming to Campus:

  • A station will be set up outside the building at the designated entrance (one staff member):
    Proctors will:
    • Verify that students coming to campus have completed the verification survey daily
    • Ensure students disinfect hands.  Hand sanitizer will be provided by Facilities and placed on the table outside of the building.
    • Students will access only the designated classroom and restrooms when inside the building.
  • Timed entry: Students will be given a specific/staggered time to enter the lab/classroom (as much as possible, students will enter and exit through different doors).
  •  Prior to leaving the lab/classroom, all areas the student had contact with will be wiped down with a disinfectant by the student.
  •  Exit: All students will leave the classroom/campus (following social distancing guidelines) as described above.
    • Students will exit the building by using the designated exit pathway from building.
    •  Hand sanitizer will be available to students as they exit the classroom and building.

Important Notices:
  • Testing process will take approximately 3.5 hours.
  • You must bring a valid government issued photo ID to Assessment Services when taking a test. The Assessment Office reserves the right to ask for a second form of ID.

Acceptable Photo ID Forms Include:
- Driver’s license-State ID
- Military ID
- A Passport
- High School ID issued within the last couple of years
- A LancerPoint photo ID if you are a continuing PCC/CEC student.

Unacceptable Photo ID Forms Include:
- Photo IDs from other colleges and universities
- Bank cards
- Library cards
- Temporary DMV License and or ID card unless used to supplement expired ID card
- Photocopies of identification or electronic versions

  • Make sure you have taken the noncredit online orientation. If you haven’t done so, please visit link below to complete the orientation: 
  • If you have a disability and believe you may need accommodations for your placement test, such as extended testing time, alternate material, etc. per the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, please contact the Counseling office to speak with a DSPS Counselor at 626-817-3532 or email: 

Placement tests are required in order to enroll in the following noncredit programs:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Adult High School Diploma
  • General Education Development (GED)

ESL, Adult High School, and GED Prep

To schedule your appointment online, click Schedule your Noncredit Placement/Assessment Test.


Contact the Counseling department via email or call: 626-817-3532.

The following placement test is used for Noncredit Programs:


The Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) is the most widely used system in the U.S. for assessing adult basic reading, mathematics, listening, writing, and speaking skills. It is used to rate skill levels needed for success in the workplace, community, and family. In addition, CASAS establishes measurable goals and learning outcomes to determine which of your skills need strengthening.