Ready to graduate from PCC? The first step is to have your requirements checked by a counselor to confirm that you qualify for graduation. If you have completed all your college credits at PCC, apply to graduate online. Or you can apply in person with a counselor in L-104!

When to Apply for Graduation

You can graduate during the Fall, Spring, or Summer. Once you register for your final semester, you may apply to graduate. Deadlines are usually:

  • September for Fall graduation
  • January for Spring graduation
  • May for Summer graduation

View the Academic Calendar for Specific Deadlines   

Apply Online

 You may submit an online request for a preliminary graduation check if you:

  • Have not applied for graduation this semester OR want to apply for an additional degree.
  • Have completed all your college credits at PCC with a minimum of 45 units completed. This means you do not have any transcripts from other colleges/universities OR Advance Placement (AP) scores of 3 or higher.

After you submit your request, a counselor will review your records. If you qualify to graduate, we will contact you to come to the Counseling Center to sign your graduation petition. If you do not qualify yet, we will provide you a check list of the classes you still need to complete.

Complete the Online Graduation Check

Apply at Drop-In Counseling

If you do not meet the requirements to apply online (i.e. you have credits from other colleges) or you prefer to apply in person, you can come to the Counseling Center for a drop-in counseling. Make sure you bring your PCC ID and any transcripts you have from colleges other than PCC.

Meet With A Counselor

Students With Non-PCC Transcripts

Skip the Line and Prepare Your Application Ahead of Time!

  1. Download and complete the preliminary graduation check request form

  2. Get unofficial copies of all your non-PCC college transcripts and AP scores. Make sure each record shows the following:
    • Full name must be visible on all record
    • Grade/Score (without manipulation)
    • Name of college/university or College Board must be visible on record

  3.  Submit Your Complete Packet (Form & Transcripts)
    • Submit by email to (include your PCC ID# in email subject line) OR
    • Bring the complete packet to the L-104 counter with your photo ID.

  4.  If you qualify for an associate degree, we will contact you to come sign your graduation petition. If you do not qualify, we will give you a checklist of courses needed.