Program Description

The curriculum prepares students for the apparel industry. Instruction is offered in all phases of industrial clothing construction, patternmaking, fashion design, and technical sketch. Computer studies are also part of the required curriculum. Studies include fashion trends, design principles, ethnic costume, color theory and the understanding of the apparel industry. Marker making, cost sheets, and production sketches are part of the technical skills learned.

The Fashion Design option will prepare the graduate to work in a design room as assistant designer, junior designer, merchandiser, stylist, illustrator or graphic artist. A design room internship is part of this training program in design. Studies include advanced design and illustration, computer assisted illustration, historical and ethnic costume studies, along with current color and textile trends in the apparel industry. A portfolio of designs and a fashion collection is part of the final requirements.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

1.    Design groups of advanced level fashion garments using external and historical fashion influences and appropriate fabric selection.

2.    Create a professional portfolio and industry marketing materials and production documents.

3.    Utilize current draping and drafting methods to create original well-fitting patterns.

4.    Demonstrate an advanced level proficiency in operating industrial equipment for apparel industry garment construction and fabric selection.

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Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

(43-45 units):

Recommended sequence:

Semester I

  • Fash 001A
  • Fash 021
  • Fash 002
  • Fash 110

Semester II

  • Fash 111A
  • Fash 009
  • Fash 124
  • Fash 005

Semester III

  • Fash 111B
  • Fash 108

Select 2 courses from this list:

  • Fash 001B
    •  or Fash 001C
    •  or Fash 115
    •  or Fash 109

Semester IV

Select 3 courses from this list:

  • Fash 001B
    •  or Fash 001C
    •  or Fash 130
    •  or Fash 111C
    •  or Fash 115
    •  or Fash 109
    •  or Fash 105
    •  or Fash 106

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Earn an Associate of Science Degree With Your Certificate of Achievement

An AS Degree prepares you with the unique skills needed to enter a specialized career field. Earned in conjunction with a Certificate of Achievement, it will open up further opportunities for career advancement.

To earn your AS degree, you will need to complete the general education requirements for an AS degree in addition to the above listed Certificate of Achievement Requirements.

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