The default view of the committee management interface is the metadata tab. When a commitee is first created, a minimal amount of data will be displayed here. You should definitely edit this section to provide web page visitors more information about your committee, for example, provide a mission statement, summary, and/or the committee's goals.

 Note the edit button in the upper right corner of this view. Click this button to begin entering any available metadata about your commitee for display on this website. 


You should find editing your committee's metadata pretty straight-forward. Each one of these fields will display on your committee's homepage if content for that field exists. None of the fields are required; however, the more you can fill in, the more information you will be providing to the PCC community about your committee.

The 2 fields that cannot be modifed here are the Committee Name and the Chair/Co-Chairs fields. The committee name can only be modified by the Web Office. The committee chair or co-chairs can be modified under the Membership view, covered in the next section of this guide. 

 When finished entering your content, click the Update Committee button to save your changes. Click Cancel to return to viewing the currently saved metadata.

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