The Membership view is comprised of 3 subsections: Active, Pending, and Past members. Each of these subsections can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the title or the arrow inside the title bar of that subsection. The tables within each subsection can be reordered by Name or Start Date by clicking their respective column headers.

Active Members

Active Members are the people currently displayed on the committee website. You can perform a number of actions from this view, including creating new members. If your committee has an online volunteer form, new members can also be added via the Pending Members subsection, covered a bit later.  

From Active Members, you can quickly change committee member roles via the drop-down menu under the Committee Role column. The same can be done for Area of Representation if applicable to your commitee. Clicking a member name brings up a popover content box with that member's contact info (as listed by HR). Use the End Membership button to remove a member from the committee. They will then be viewable in the Past Members subsection, also covered later in this guide.

Note the location of Add New Member button in the upper right corner of this view for the following section.

Adding a New Member

From the Active Members subsection, use the Add New Member button to add a new member to the committee. First select the reason this member has been added to the committee when presented with the Add New Member box. Click Proceed to be taken to the Add New Member view. 

In the Add New Member view, you'll need to add at least the new member's Name and Committee Role. In a context where Area of Representation is applicable, you can set that here as well as Start DateYears at PCC, Tenured, and you can add any comments or notes. 

Note: The Name field can only be filled using the auto-populate feature. When typing in the Name field, the application will begin searching a list of known employees and display a drop-down menu of names based on what you have typed in. Choose the new member from that list. Keep in mind that it's looking for exact matches, so if you're trying to add "Dave" you'll likely need to type "David" to produce a result to select from (that is, unless it's Dave Smith, the developer of this application who really is just "Dave").  

Once you've finished, click Submit to return to the committee Membership view. You should now see your new member in the list of Active Members. 

Removing a Member

To remove a members from your committee, use the End Membership button found in the Active Members list. You will be prompted for their end date just prior to sending them to the Past Members subsection. Use the date picker in the field to confirm the actual end date for a member and click OK

You will receive one final prompt that you are about to end this person's membership at which point you can still cancel or click OK. The ex-member will now display in the Past Members subsection which will be covered later. 

Pending Members

The Pending Members subsection is only applicable if your committee uses an online committee volunteer form to solicit its membership. Some committees opt to use these forms, which require the volunteer to first log in using their LancerPoint username and password. The forms are typically located on the committee's website along with their home and meetings pages.

Once the form has been submitted, the prospective volunteer's information displays within this subsection of the Membership view of the Governance App. The volunteers appear in the order in which they were received via the submitted form. 

Here you can approve or withdraw the volunteer using the respective buttons to either add them to your committee's membership roster or withdraw them if they have requested that you do so.

A lot of pertinent information has been packed into this pending members list about the volunteer. From here you can view a volunteer's current contact info as listed in HR, the number of committees they are actively serving on and/or chairing, their number of years at PCC, and whether or not they're tenured faculty.

Past Members

The Past Members subsection simply lists all past members of a committee for historical reference. A former committee member's record will appear here if the End Membership function has been used from the Active Members subsection of this view. The former member's name, role, start and end dates are listed here. This list can be re-ordered by each column or filtered using the Search box provided. 

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