The Meetings view displays a list of all of your committee's meetings. Assuming that you have just started managing a committee for the first time in the Governance App, this view will display no records. 

We'll cover how to add a new meeting, inlcuding creation by duplication, in the next section.

A meeting in the Governance App can be in one of four different states called its Publication Status (Pub Status)

  • Draft - created but not yet displayed on your website
  • Live - published and live on the website
  • Cancelled - published, live, and indicating "Cancelled" to users of the website
  • Archived - no longer visible on the website. For all intents and purposes, think of this as "deleted"

Once you have populated your list with several meetings, you'll be able to perform a number of actions directly from this default view, including changing a meeting's Pub Status. You can also sort the list by meeting Title or Date. You can edit an existing meeting using its "Edit" link. If you have a lot of meetings that share essentially the same metadata save for the data and time, you can Duplicate a meeting from this view rather than create a new one, also covered a bit later.

 Note the location of New Meeting button in the upper right corner of this view for the following section.  

Add a New Meeting

1. From the Meetings view, use the New Meeting button to add a new meeting to your committee. This meeting will default to Draft Pub Status and won't be posted online until you are ready to make it Live.

2. Fill out the form fields in the Add/Edit a Meeting view. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk and include Meeting Title, Date, Start Time, and Location.

3. Set the Publication StatusSet this to Live (published to your committee website) or leave it at the default Draft, which will add it to your meetings list within the Governance App only until you're ready to go live. The other 2 options will be covered in the Edit a Meeting section. You can see all four options and their functionality in the Overview section at the beginning of this page.

4. Click the Add Meeting button and wait for the success notification to appear. A green notification will appear in the lower right corner of the view to let you know the meeting has been added.

Once the new meeting has been added, you should now see the Meeting Documents section on lower part of the page (covered in the next section: Meeting Documents & 508 Compliance). The Add Meeting button will now be titled Update Meeting.

Other optional fields include:

  • Regularity (e.g. Meets on the third Wednesday of every month)
  • Description - for any special notes or other information you would like posted on your website about this meeting.
  • YouTube Link - provided for adding a link to a properly captioned YouTube video of the meeting itself added after the meeting has taken place.
  • Recapd Embed - if you are using the Recapd service for text transcripts of your meeting, you would embed that here.

Any of this data can be updated at any time by returning to this view via the Edit link in the meetings list. 

Edit a Meeting

There are 2 ways you can edit a meeting: from the Meetings view and from the Add/Edit a Meeting view. The former allows you to quickly change the Publication Status of a meeting while the latter allows you to edit all of the meeting metadata. 

From the Meetings view (which lists all of the meetings you have created for your committee) you can quickly change the Publication Status (Pub Status) of a meeting from the drop-down menu located here.

You can update the Pub Status of the meeting to any of the folllowing states: 

  • Draft - remove a meeting from the website but keep it around for editing or later publishing
  • Live - publish a meeting to the webiste
  • Cancelled - this state keeps the meeting published to the web but indicates that it is "Cancelled" to users of the website
  • Archived no longer visible on the website. For all intents and purposes, think of this as "deleted"

To change other meeting metadata, selecting the Edit button of the meeting you would like to edit from this view.

This opens the Add/Edit a Meeting view, the same view we used when creating the meeting. The only difference is that the initial Create Meeting button is now the red Update Meeting button. You can enter this view at any time to change any of the fields. Change meeting times, location, add a link to a video of the meeting and even change the Pub Status of the meeting from here as well. 

 Remember to always use the Update Meeting button to save any changes you have made when editing a meeting.

Meeting Documents

The Add/Edit a Meeting view is the same place where you'll be managing meeting documents such as agendas and minutes; however, this will be covered separately in the following section of the reference guide.

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