Logging In

Just like most browser-based applications, you'll need to log in first. But before you can log in, you need a user account in the application. All requests for new user accounts, as well as requests to be added to additional committees, should come from a committee chair via the Web Help form. Once you've been notified by the Web Office or by your committee chair that an account has been set up for you, you're ready to log in. 

The Governance App is located at:


Log in using your LancerPoint username and password, the same one you use for your PCC email or computer.

The Dashboard

Once you've successfully logged-in, you'll be presented with the Governance App dashboard which displays a list of any committees you are set up with permission to manage. Simply click the name of the committee to begin managing it.

The black menu bar at the top contains 3 buttons. On the far left is a back button. Use this button just as you would use the back button on your browser to return to the previous view. The "PCC Governance Management System" title is also a button that you can use to return to this dashboard from any view. On the right is a small logout icon to end your session in the Governance App that returns you to the login page. 

The Committee Inferface

After clicking a committe name from the Dashboard, you'll be presented with the interface to manage that committee. The interface consists of 4 different views controlled by their respective tabs: Metadata, Membership, Meetings, and Settings. The following sections of this guide will go into more detail about these views.

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