We offer a variety of student services to support you while you are at PCC at Rosemead!

Visit the front desk for to inquire about the admissions process, your student records, or student status. See our current semester schedule for specfic times that we are available!

Current Schedule 

You have the option of taking your Assessment Placement exams at the Rosemead site.  Exams are administered at Rosemead on the first Friday of each month, starting promptly at 8:30 am. Please bring a valid photo id, your PCC student id number, and have completed the on-line Orientation.  More information may be found at the Assessment Services Website. 

Bookstore Services

Book Delivery: 

You can order and purchase your books via the Online Bookstore and designate delivery to the Rosemead site for pick up.

Bookstore Vending Machine.

A fully stocked vending machine generally includes basic supplies, such as pens, pencils, highlighters, exam supplies (i.e. BlueBooks, scantrons), small electronic supplies, and snacks.

Commuting to the Rosemead site is accommodating for everyone. Public Transportation is convenient to the site, located adjacent to the Valley Blvd / Rosemead Blvd intersection (MTA Trip Planner link http://www.socaltransport.org/ ).

You may also choose to drive and may park your vehicle on site. Although permits are not necessary, students and faculty have designated parking areas. On-site parking is limited. A bike rack is also available for bicycle parking.

The Computer Lab (Room 215) is open to students when classes are not in session. Students may use the computer lab to work on assignments, print, and access the internet. In order to print from any computer, students must purchase and use an Alchemy printing card.

Counselors are available at the Rosemead site Monday - Thursday and will meet with you individually, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Counseling schedule varies per semester. Counselors are available to answer general advising questions, in addition to assisting students with their individual Educational Plan.

See our current semester schedule for times the office is open!

Current Schedule 

You may take your photo and receive your LancerCard photo identification card. You must be enrolled in a course, bring another form of photo identification, and have receipt of paid PCC fees.

Fast-food, restaurants, retailers and banks are located along Rosemead Blvd., Mission Road and Valley Blvd, all within walking distance of our site.

Tutoring schedule varies by semester. When tutoring is not in session, Room 105 serves as a quiet study room. Computers are also available to students (no printer access).

See our current semester schedule for times the office is open!

Current Schedule 

The Student Center is an informal comfortable center where students can relax or study in between courses. Food is permitted to be brought into the center and has PCC wi-fi access.

Resources and information are readily available through one of the many bulletin boards found throughout the facility. Information on community resources, transfer center and general student services and activities is regularly updated. In addition, you may always inquire at the front desk.

As a satellite of PCC, the Rosemead site has full wireless Internet access.