Telecourse Videos are available from the PCC Library Circulation Desk. We have three copies of each item. You may borrow a telecourse video for a 24-hour period. For additional information, see our Frequently Asked Questiosn below or call the Circulation Desk at (626) 585-7174. 

Telecourse DVDs Frequently Asked Questions

Items circulate for 24-hours, but please ask if you need a few hours more . In general we ask that items be returned no later than 6:00pm Monday - Thursday and no later than 1:00pm on Friday.

Yes, you can check out telecourse/math items for the weekend any time on Friday . In all cases, weekend check-outs are due before 6:00pm Monday.

Yes, as long as other copies are available. ONE EXCEPTION: There are no renewals on Mondays or after a long weekend to give other students the opportunity to use them.

Yes, $1.00 per hour up to $60.00 per late item.

If a video, video CD, or DVD is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will be fined the library's cost for the item plus a $10 processing fee. 

Return them directly to a Circulation Desk Employee during open hours of service. Do not put these items in the book-drops.

Additional Telecourse Viewing Options

In addition to using our copies in the Library, you may also view Telecourse videos in the following ways: