In Fall 2011, a faculty inquiry group formed to investigate best practices in general education outcomes assessment. After a semester of literature review, conference attendance, and much discussion, the group led the College in its first stand-alone assessment of General Education Outcome #1: Communication. Assessments were conducted in Spring and Fall of 2012 and Spring 2013. Assessment results were evaluated and improvements were implemented in Spring 2013. The GEO #1 assessment process is thoroughly documented above in the Archived GEO Assessments section.

Mid-way through the assessment of GEO #1, the Learning Assessment Committee was convened. The Mission of the Learning Assessment Committee is to improve student outcomes by supporting teaching and learning through assessment at the course, program, and general education level. The Committee will serve as a resource to all stakeholders (faculty, staff, managers, and students) and communicate the relevance and results of assessment activities. The Committee evaluated the process of assessing GEO #1 and is currently in planning stages for assessing GEO #2: Cognition.

As a result of the GEO #1 assessment, the Learning Assessment Committee agreed to ask all instructional departments to align their course level SLOs with the College GEOs, as appropriate. All departments are nearly complete with this task and the Office of Academic Affairs is currently inputting the alignment information into eLumen, the SLO data collection software used at the College. This will allow College constituents to access student performance data for all General Education Outcomes in any given semester.