The OER Committee will be responsible for facilitating and supporting faculty with the adoption of OER and other zero-textbook-cost (ZTC) options.

This includes tracking sections that are using OER, and ensuring that the online class schedule meet the requirements of SB 1359, which requires their online schedule of classes to identify the sections that are using no-cost-textbook options.

The committee will also be responsible for designating and structuring paths in which students are able to complete a degree or certificate program using no-cost or OER textbooks known as a "zero-textbook-cost" degrees.  This includes ensuring that the course catalog has those identified paths identified for students.

Additional activities that the committee will participate within to meet these responsibilities include but is not limited to: conducting workshops and presentations, arranging time to meet one-on-one with faculty, and creating and maintaining a web presence.


Total Seats: 24

Committee Chair: Walter Butler

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