The Academic Success Center Redesign Plan is the result of collaborative work by the members of the Academic Success Center Redesign Working Group. This working group first met in June 2018. The latest iteration of the working group has expanded membership to better represent faculty, staff, and students.

The Working Group reconvened in November of 2018 to reconsider prior work and will draft proposals for consideration and feedback from constituencies across Pasadena City College and will eventually be drafted as a final document at the end of that process.

Principles guiding PCC’s Academic Success Center Redesign begin with a concern for facilitating student access to services as well as equitable growth in student success and completion rates as clear and measurable outcomes for this plan. Also guiding this effort is a concern for efficiency and the integration of services with other areas of campus by incorporating student support services personnel into academic success centers, diversifying learning support services, improving staffing and oversight of services, and aligning centers with the Guided Pathways framework. Anticipated measurable outcomes will include improved communication and collaboration with Student Services staff and the faculty and Deans of the academic divisions, as well as lower staffing costs and adequate on-sight supervision of services by qualified personnel.


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