The Budget and Resource Allocation Standing Committee shall advise on matters relating to institutional-wide budget and resource allocation issues as requested by the College Council and guided by the Educational Master Plan.

BRAC 2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  • To reconcile BRAC’s Charge budget resource allocation with college program review college and research prioritization process.
  • To update BRAC’s budget timeline/calendar to submit a recommendation to the College Council.
  • To work with Institutional effectiveness to develop a midyear BRAC survey to see BRAC is on track
  • To review the Standard III / Resources of the PCC Accreditation Report in preparation for the accreditation visit coming up.
  • Better reporting of constituent groups by Committee members


BRAC currently meets remotely according to State-mandated ordinance.

Total Seats: 13

Committee Chair: Jeff Bajah, Jessie Wang

Name Position Division Representing