The C-PART recommends utilizing the following categories to determine recommended actions needed for different categories of behavior.

Behavioral Categories

Level 1 - Distressed

Emotional: Upset, distracted, noticeable anxiety, tearfulness, absences/tardiness, or suggestions of self-harm.


  • Talk privately with student
  • Refer to/consult with Personal Counseling Servicesand other StudentServicesstaff
  • Keep personal notes of situation

Level 2 - Disruptive

Classroom or on Campus: Interruptive, annoying, bothersome, insubordinate, or excessive number of questions.


  • Set limits
  • Consult with DSP&S or Personal Counseling Services
  • Complete the Student Misconduct form

Level 3 - Dangerous

Threat to Safety: Verbal or physical threats, altercations, or out-of-control behavior. 


  • Immediately call 911 from campus telephone
  • Complete the Student Misconduct form