Natalie Bookchin: Speech Network

Pasadena City College presents Speech Network, an online exhibition of media artworks by internationally recognized artist Natalie Bookchin.  Since the 90’s, Bookchin’s work has explored how new technologies critically engage contemporary political, media and internet cultures.  Educated as a photographer, her work embraces a new context for image culture, functioning less as unique works of art, and instead as an endless archive of data that can be recontextualized to examine ideas in our networked culture.  

Virtual Exhibition



Artist in Residence 2021:

Elliott Hundley: Coloratura

One of the most highly regarded contemporary artists coming out of the United States, Elliott Hundley has achieved international acclaim for his emphatically unique works. This exhibition aspires to offer a sampling of Hundley's works in hopes to provide a glimpse into the creative evolution of this unparalleled creative mind.

Coloratura Virtual Exhibition