• Jan

    February 18- April 10, 2020 Jacci Den Hartog: Blood and Bones

    In her recent sculptural works referencing local waterfall shapes, Den Hartog uses steel, aluminum mesh, aqua resin fiberglass cloth and paint on a stainless steel pedestal to create a frozen stopped movement suspended in time. An asymmetrical balancing act, these are solid sculptural realities that evoke organic movement through space responding to gravity and all the natural forces. The work harkens to Lynda Bengalis’ legacy of pours, as Den Hartog also embraces innovative exploration of unexpected media and mixed materials.

  • Jan

    February 18- April 10, 2020 Yo am; I soy: Abel Alejandre and Eloy Torrez

    As a companion show to the concurrent solo exhibition of our 2020 Artist-in-Residence Jacci Den Hartog’s work in the Boone Family Art Gallery, Gallery V will present a tandem solo exhibition of the works of Abel Alejandre and Eloy Torrez. Alejandre and Torrez share an impulse to respect and honor the cultural wealth of Mesoamerican heritage rooted in our Los Angeles communities. As Jacci Den Hartog’s abstracted organic sculptural forms reveal our transient and shifting sense of self, Alejandre and Torrez articulate the complexities of the Latinx hybrid identity construct shedding light on ancestral Mesoamerican roots of Latinx psychology.