** Notice while the campus is closed we are NOT accepting loan payments, we will begin taking payments once the college re-opens.  We will NOT be charging late fees at this time and no holds will be placed on your records. However we will not be issuing loans until further notice.**

The Office of Student Life offers short-term 30-day emergency and book loans. These are distributed in cash and voucher form. If you are a PCC student and need cash, you can receive up to $100.00. For those who need a book, the loan application becomes a voucher once approved. The maximum for the voucher is $150.00.

To receive a loan, you will need to provide your LancerCard and a copy of your current class schedule. Loans are usually approved the same day.

These Emergency loans (both types) are 30-day loans, therefore will need to be repaid in 30 days. Failure to pay will result in a hold on your account, disabling the ability to add, drop or obtain transcripts.