Are you a student who…

  • is experiencing a personal, educational, psychological, or financial crisis?
  • is currently homeless and would like information and resources about housing?
  • is experiencing domestic violence or feels unsafe in your environment?
  • is a parent that may be eligible for community assistance and not know where to begin?
  • believes that alcohol and/or drugs may be affecting your ability to function?
  • has been told by friends or family that alcohol and/or drugs are affecting your life?
  • feels you need help with advocacy issues?
  • may be eligible for public assistance programs based on low-income, your age, or a disability and need help navigating the services thay may be available to you?
  • needs help navigating short term disability (CA SDI) or paid family leave (PFL) to receive partial income while taking a leave of absence from your job due to an injury or to take care of a child or adult family member?
  • is a caregiver of an elderly or disabled adult or child?

If you identified with any of the above examples, we’ve got good news for you – there is a Social Services Coordinator located in the Personal Counseling Department that is currently available to provide you with help and support!

Make an In-person Appointment

Come in-person to the Personal Counseling Department located in D-203 and sign up for an appointment today!

How it Works

Case management is provided on a first-come first-serve basis to those students who sign up in the Personal Counseling Department D-203. You may be seen on a walk-in basis during available days when there is an opening, or you can sign up for a future meeting with the Social Services Coordinator. If you feel you could benefit from social services, we encourage you to complete an intake interview with the Social Services Coordinator.